10 wedding photos you absolutely want!

I have been practicing the art of wedding photography for many years now and every wedding is always both fun and challenging. It’s a challenge because I always want to bring something new, something special and something unique to each and every couple. I also want to elevate my art to the next level and create imagery that will reflect my clients personality. In this blog post, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photographs and allow future brides and grooms to get inspired by what they could ask their photographer to create for them. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when photographing them.


1- Backlight. Having an epic location such as the Auberge St-Gabriel tunnel was amazing. It was a very dark place and when the couple stepped in, I could barely see them. I could have lit them like I normally do, but here I decided to use a backlight, creating a beautiful silhouette of light around them and adding to the drama of this location.

Ali Kay Photography-wedding-romantic-montreal-06

2- Movement. Moving elements and a moving couple can add a new dimension to an image. In this photo, I’ve asked the couple to walk toward each other and asked them to gently touch hands and lips when they meet. We also got lucky with a speed boat passing by behind them and that is a perfect addition to this photo since it leads the eyes towards the couple!Ali Kay Photography-wedding-poses-montreal-01

3- Architecture. Those who know me also know that I love to include architectural elements in my photographs, while making sure the couple remains the hero of the shot. Here, I have decided to use perfect symmetry between the couple and the structure and used the beautiful Rolls-Royce to lead the eyes toward the couple.Ali Kay Photography-wedding-old port-montreal-04

4- Slow motion. Slowing down the shutter of the camera and asking the couple to remain still fors a second or two allow us to get this epic type of photography. Everything around the couple is blurred and in motion, while the couple is perfectly in focus.Ali Kay Photography-wedding-love-montreal-05

5- Get up high! Trying something different is always rewarding and viewing a scene from a different angle can help tell a different and unique story. In this photo taken at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec city, I have decided to go all the way up and shoot the couple in this very romantic and intimate pose.

Ali Kay Photography-wedding-inspiration-quebec-10

6- Get low! Getting low can also be very rewarding. In this case, I saw a beautiful and cloudy sky and went down on my knees to be able to see even more of it. To make the image even more powerful, I have asked the groom to lift the bride, which allowed us to see  a bigger proportion of their bodies against the clouds.Ali Kay Photography-wedding-inspiration-poses-02

7- Mirroring. During this wedding, I gave very little directions to my couple as they were very comfortable in posing themselves and they did a great job! This is an example where they were head to head, hand in hand, eyes closed and backlit with a gorgeous chandelier. This is a very soft and romantic pose.

Ali Kay Photography-wedding-indian-montreal-07

8- Separation. Ok here you might say, why would you separate a bride and a groom, they just got married and they should always be together in a photo. I know. And I totally agree. This style and pose was influenced by the editorial and fashion work that I do outside of wedding photography and while I prefer to keep the couple together for a photo, this image is very well balanced and flows perfectly. While the focus and the light is falling on the bride, making her smaller in the frame but more visible, the groom is in the shadow area, out of focus but is taking a larger portion of the frame. The balance in this photograph makes things work perfectly and provide the couple with a photo they would not have expected!

Ali Kay Photography-wedding-groom-montreal-08

9- The vale. I loveeeeeee long vales 😀 There is so many ways to play with them and use them creatively. I remember that day, the wind was blowing and the vale was out of control so I used this to my advantage. I asked the bride to walk and softly look over her shoulder while the groom had the mission to control and prevent the vale from flying 🙂Ali Kay Photography-wedding-bride-dress-03

10- Walking. So simple right? I know. Walking is one of my favourite pose and quite often I use it to kick-off a session. It relaxes the couples and they don’t feel they are doing anything difficult, complicated or out of their comfort zone (which then happens later in the shoot haha). Ali Kay Photography-wedding-beautiful-montreal-12


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