2016 Wedding Bloopers

What an outstanding wedding photography season 2016 was! I was able to capture such beautiful moments filled with joyful tears, authentic smiles and lovely hugs.  However, being with the couples and their families for 12 hours also allows to witness moments that are funny, silly and incredibly hilarious! From kids being kids, to grooms being kids (sorry guys), to photoshoot bloopers or even to the wedding guests going out of control, this year we got served!

Below is a compilation of some of the most memorable Montreal wedding photography moments I keep from this year.


Marysa & Lobzang Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-01


Dalal & Hamza Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-02


Karine & Mathieu Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-03


Marysa & Lobzang Bridal Sessionmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-04


Dalal & Hamza Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-05


Nagam & Mouhamad Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-06


Kim & Nick Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-07


Danielle & Patrick Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-08


Ariell & David Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-09


Danielle & Patrick Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-10


Nagam & Mouhamad Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-11


Diana & Philippe Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-12


Maya & Mazen Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-13


Danielle & Patrick Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-14


Nagam & Mouhamad Weddingmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-15


Cristina & Christopher Bridal Sessionmontreal-wedding-photography-bloopers-16






Montreal Wedding Photographer | Ali Kay

Photographe de mariage basé à Montréal | Ali Kay

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