6 ways being bridesmaid can be unhealthy how to change that

Being a bridesmaid can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be a whole lot of work. You’ll find there are days, even weeks, where you’re devoting all of your free time and energy to doing things for the bride and her upcoming wedding. You’ll even find yourself on the party squad for her bachelorette party, doing whatever you can to make the weekend one for the memory history books. By the time the wedding day comes around, you may start to feel and see that being a bridesmaid has been a bit harmful to yourself. To help prevent that from happening, here are six unhealthy things to look out for, and how to avoid them.

1. You’ll Forget to Snooze
When it’s time for the bachelorette party and even the night before the wedding, you may forget to get a good night’s sleep. Running around on just a couple of hours of shuteye will catch up with you, and it isn’t good for your mind or your body. Remember to carve out time to get the recommended eight hours of beauty sleep.

2. You’ll Overdue the Booze
From open bar to bottle service, it will be tempting to overdue it on the mixed drinks and the shots. Be careful not to get dehydrated by drinking too much, and always make sure you have a bottle or glass of water around to drink in between each drink you sip on.

3. You’ll Feel Anxious
Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about putting on a polyester dress and walking down the aisle. It’s about helping the bride out with a slew of tasks before the wedding. It’s also about being on time for pre-wedding eventsand picking out the right gifts, for the happy couple, along the way. All of this can make you feel anxious. That’s why it’s important to create a to-do list and a calendar of all the events you need to be at and all thetasks you have to get done. Plan ahead and ask for help when you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed.

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4. You’ll Grab the Fast Food
At the bachelorette party and even on the day of the wedding, you may find yourself grabbing snacks from vending machines or eating whatever is around. That’s when you’ll start to feel unhealthy and tired. Make sure you pack healthy snacks with you, so whenever you feel hungry, and there’s not a place to get real food around, you don’t have to settle for the candy bars or bag of chips — trust us, this will help you feel like a million bucks in that bridesmaid dress.

5. You’ll Say Hello to Stress
When the anxiety, lack of sleep, and even lingering hangover, all hit you at once, you make start to feel super stressed out. When this happens, take a step back and take a break from wedding tasks. Do something that’s personally relaxing before jumping back in to the bride’s wedding adventure.

6. You’ll Do Too Much Too Soon
You’ll be a busy bridesmaid, especially the week of the wedding. That’s when a lot of last-minute tasks pop up and you may find yourself running around helping the bride out with so many things. In order to not get too overwhelmed, try and clear your schedule the week of the wedding so that you don’t have too many other things going on, especially the Thursday and Friday before the wedding day.

Jen Glantz is a “Professional Bridesmaid” and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She’s the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.


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