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Ali Kay | Montreal Commercial Photographer

At the age of 12, my mom bought me my first camera. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. Little did she knows, this simple gift would shape my future as a whole and my career. Wherever I would go, my camera would be by my side. As if I had been given the mission to document my life and my surrounding.

Ali Kay-commercial-photographer-portrait

At 19, uncertain that photography could actually become a sustainable full time job, I decided to start a business major at HEC Montréal. After graduation, I decide to start my business career in the world of advertising agencies. For four years, I had the chance to work on major accounts like PepsiCo, Kraft, La Vie en Rose, P&G and many others. While I was evolving in the strategic and tactical side, I was in constant contact with an incredible creative team that would give life to our ideas. Deep inside, I knew that my what I wanted to do, is mix the strategic and creative worlds and master the whole process. For that reason, I decided to quit my job and found Studio Kay.

For 8 years now, my team and I have the pleasure to serve clients everywhere in Canada like Linen Chest, Trevi, Sport Expert, PepsiCo, Musicor and many others. Everyday, I wake up with only one goal in mind, push the limits of our creativity to create unique content for our clients and ultimately help in their marketing and sales. Our job is not only to create, but rather to think, analyze and understand the personality of every brand and the challenges of every business. It is only after that crucial step, that we allow ourselves to think about the creative aspect of a project.

We recognize that every client is unique and thus, deserves special attention. Whether it is for product photography for an ecommerce site, advertising photography, food photography or video production, our goal is always the same: create authentic and unique content, that will speak and engage the brand’s audience.

Thinking about a project? Let’s take a coffee in the studio and discuss all about it!

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