We know you have so many questions around wedding photography! For that reason, we built a list of frequently asked questions and shed some light on them. If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to contact us!



For how long have you been in photography?

Technically, I’ve been practicing the art of photography since 2008, however my mom offered me my first camera when I was 9 years old. Having no artist within the family, she didn’t really know what to expect. Soon enough, she would realize that wherever I went, I would bring this lovely toy with me and take care of capturing all the action happening around me.

How much do you charge?

This is a question I get asked a lot and I fully understand why, we all have a budget to respect. Knowing that every client is unique and every event is different, I take care of listening first and then providing a quote. I want to make sure that whatever I am offering in my packages is something relevant and important to you and for that reason, I love to setup a first consultation in my boutique office where we drink a coffee together and discuss your needs.

Do you work alone?

Never (almost). 90% of the time, I work with at least one assistant. This allows me to move faster and be more efficient in the time I have to deliver greater photos to my clients. If needed, on a photoshoot, we can be multiple assistants and multiple photographers. That being said, I am always the creative lead and specifically brief my team on what needs to be done.

What equipment do you use?

Only the best! At least, in my opinion. I am a Canon shooter and I’ve always been happy with the products this brand is providing. In terms of light equipment, I am a big fan of Profoto. If you’re looking for my complete list of equipment, it can be found on this page.

Why should we hire you?

My mom says I’m really good so that alone is a very good reason for you to hire me 😀 If you think my mom has a bias opinion however, you can always consult my past wedding clients reviews.

Why did you become a photographer?

Passion. Passion is what drives me everyday. No one should spend one minute doing something they don’t like because they will never achieve their full potential. Photography is something that drives me and is an art that keeps me up at night. I truly wish everyone can find their real passion and send the rest of their practicing it.


Have you always been a photographer?

No. I have a business degree in marketing ans I worked 4 years in a marketing agency. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I am very grateful for that experience and I don’t regret it at all. During that time, I was already practicing photography on a professional level and when I felt the time was right, I quit my job and started to work as a full time photographer.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. I have insurance that covers both liabilities and my equipments. If for any reason you would like to see a copy of my contract, I will be more than happy to provide it.

Do you have a favourite lens?

Oh YES! The Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS II USM is by far ma favourite lens. During a photoshoot, you will se me use this lens a lot. It is sharp, the compression is amazing and the depth of field created is stunning.

Who influences your work?

Dutch master Rembrandt, Renaissance sculptor, painter and architect Michelangelo and dutch painter Jan Vermeer are all artists to who I pay very close attention. I like to analyze their work, understand their rational and be inspired by their incredible work.



How do you define your style?

Elegant, cinematic and authentic. I want my couples to look their best during their wedding day and although I spend a lot of energy on the composition, the posing and lighting of an image, the final result will not be great if my bride and groom are not comfortable in front of the camera. That’s why I do my best to make the shoot very fun and make the couple forget they are in a photo session. I want to see natural expressions and it’s not by asking the bride to ”smile” that I will ever achieve that. As you can see in my portfolio, I love to include the environment surrounding us in my photos. I see my photos like wall art in which the couples are the hero. The comment I get most often after delivering my albums is ”I feel like I am featured in a fashion magazine” and that is the most rewarding thing I can hear.

How do you prepare for the wedding?

Before the wedding, I meet a couple of times with the bride and groom or we setup conference calls. We go through every details together and we build the timeline of the day. The timeline is a fantastic tool that allows us to draw the scenario of the big day making sure everything is planned and we have enough time to cover all the important parts of the wedding.

Will you be the photographer or do you send someone else?

I am always the main photographer shooting. If you decide to hire a second photographer for your wedding, which is a great idea, we rarely split. I am always the creative lead as I need to make sure the shoot and style is consistant throughout the day.

Do you provide the digital files?

All my packages include a copy of your digital files. For a wedding, I normally deliver around 800 photos.

Do you edit our photos?

Yes, every photo you receive is color corrected.  I adjust the white balance, contrast, exposure, highlights and shadows of every photo.

Do you add cinematic effects to our photos?

I love to add cinematic effects to my wedding photos as it brings them to the next level. If you decide to print a photo, I will gladly spend an hour working on it to make it look like a movie poster. I humbly consider my work to be art and art is meant to be showcased either in an album or on your wall rather than on a usb key or i the cloud.

Can we have the raw image files?

The raw files can’t be viewed or purchased. If you decide to hire me, it’s because you trust my vision and my artistic view. You also understand that I will do everything in my power to create the most stunning photos I have ever produced.

Will you scout our photoshoot location before the wedding?

I love to scout locations as I want to bring something unique and different to each and every client. Scouting locations allow me to begin my creative vision before and the wedding and start planning and envisioning the art that I will be creating for my couples.

Ali Kay Photography-Montreal-wedding-photographer-07

When do we receive our wedding photos?

We deliver the retouched photos, online gallery and slideshow 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

Do you use natural light to create your wedding photography?

I will use whatever is needed to achieve the vision I have for your wedding photos. The sun and the flash are tools that help me achieve a specific result and I can very comfortably work with both of these to create something unique and distinctive.

What if you get sick the day of the wedding?

This rarely happens. Actually it never happened, but here is a fun story. In 2016, I got sick on a week-end where I was shooting 3 weddings in 3 days. I still shot them and no one ever noticed anything. Ok after that I slept 3 days in a row, but when the adrenaline kicks-in in my body, nothing can stop me! If something very serious were to happen to me, I am glad to say that many of the best photographers in Montreal are also my friends and just like I would be ready to step in for them at any moment if something happens to them, they would be ready to do the same for me. If I can not find any replacement or you are not happy with the replacement provided, I will refund your retainer as well as all money paid to date.

What are your payment terms?

To lock in your date in my agenda, a $500 deposit is required. Following this retainer, the full payment is done 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

Every wedding is unique and the number of hours needed is something we discuss together. I rarely shoot a wedding under 6 hours or over 12 hours.

Do you recommend adding a second photographer?

Absolutely. Knowing that a wedding day is tightly bounded by time, a second photographer will allow you to have a bigger variety of photos. While I am shooting a close-up, the second photographer will be shooting wide. While I am shooting from a straight angle, the second photographer will be shooting from the side. This saves us a lot of time and provide to the couple a higher number of photos.


Do you recommended doing an engagement session?

All my clients thank me for doing an engagement session. It allow them to have a first experience with me, know how I roll and it makes them much more comfortable on the big day as they have already interacted with me. This experience help created better wedding photos. In addition, the couple will have beautiful photo in a non-wedding attire which they can use for wall art or even display the day of their wedding.

What is a bridal session?

A bridal photo session is a photoshoot that usually happens after the wedding. With the bride dress and the groom suit, we pick a new location or concept and shoot without having the limitation of time or distance that we usually have during the wedding day. This is amazing because it unlocks many unique photo opportunities that are not possible the day of the wedding. Here is an example of a bridal session we did at a ranch that was about an hour from Montreal.

Do you have past clients we can speak to as a reference?

My wedding clients are always invited to leave me an honest review on Weddingwire and this is where you can find what brides had to say about me and my work.

Do we need a permit to shoot a certain locations?

Some locations require a permit while other do not. We’re here to help you find out the answer to that question and to facilitate the process of obtaining those permits.

Will you publish some of our images?

I know, you can’t wait to see your wedding photos! For that reason, a couple of days after your wedding, you will see some teasers published on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. After delivering your photos, we will also create a blog post of your wedding which will be featured on our website. You can find a blog example by clicking on this link. Being an international award winning photographer, I sometimes get asked to provide wedding photos to magazines, publications or other blogs. For example, The Huffington Post recently decided to write about my photography and used some of my images to showcase my work.

What is an online gallery?

This is a private gallery with all your photos. You can share it with your family and friends and they can download your wedding photos directly to their computers or smartphones.

What is a slideshow?

A slideshow is a 3-5 minutes video with images from the preparation of the bride and groom, the first look, the ceremony, the photoshoot and the reception. Basically, it is the story of your day highlighted in a short clip. You can find an example of slideshow right here.