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Winter wedding | From shoot to edit

Preparation and creative vision coming together for a great wedding photography session Wedding photography is one of the most complicated and uncontrollable form of art. Quite often, as wedding photographers, we are at the mercy of so many external elements. One of these elements is the weather. It could be […]

10 wedding reception ideas

  1- La vieille brasserie Montreal wedding   2- Buffet Marina Montreal wedding   3-Montreal science centre wedding   4- Le Chateau Royal Laval wedding   5- Plaza Antique Montreal Wedding   6- Le Mont-Blanc Montreal wedding   7- Chateau St-Antoine wedding   8- Nuit de Beyrouth Laval Wedding   9- […]


9 First Look photos you will fall in love with

Are you considering making a first look? For so many reasons, I quite often say that I feel incredibly lucky to be a wedding photographer. One of them is having the chance to witness so many authentic and beautiful moments filled with emotions. When speaking of high emotions, it’s very […]


Micheline & Sami Wedding Album

Looking for a timeless, modern and classy wedding souvenir? This new collection of Ali Kay Photography wedding albums is exactly what you need. It is is a 30 pages album in which you can fit up to 60 photos. This fully customizable book offers a wide range of colours, the finest […]

How to choose your dream honeymoon

When planning a weeding, some obvious questions arise : place, number of guests, theme, style, rings, entertainment, food & drinks, etc. But quickly after comes the hard decision of selecting a destination for your honeymoon. Here are a few tips to help your planning. THE RIGHT BUDGET AT EVERY STEP […]

12 wedding bouquet ideas you will love!

You’re in the process of planning your 2017 wedding in Montreal and you need some inspiration to get you started? We got you covered and thought you would love to see some of the most beautiful wedding bouquets we have seen our bride with. We hope this will help you […]

10 bridal poses you want for your wedding

Brides often come to me and are looking for original poses, while keeping an elegant and chic look and feel to them. For that simple reason, I’ve decided to create this blog post with ten different bridal portraits my brides totally fell in love with when they saw them. I […]

10 wedding photos you absolutely want!

I have been practicing the art of wedding photography for many years now and every wedding is always both fun and challenging. It’s a challenge because I always want to bring something new, something special and something unique to each and every couple. I also want to elevate my art […]

Découvrez le Vieux-Montréal sous un nouvel angle!

Chaque année, des dizaines de couples me donnent le mandat de documenter l’une des journées les plus importantes de leurs vies. C’est à la fois un honneur et une très grande responsabilité puisque je désire donner le meilleur de moi-même à chacun de ces clients qui m’a accordé sa confiance. Au […]

Wedding Tips: 6 Creative Bridal Shower Themes

When we think of Bridal Showers, we think of party games, specialty drinks and more. We especially love when showers have a theme as well! In need of some out-of-the box bridal shower ideas? Here are 6 party themes that we think are totally worth throwing! Flower Arranging Shower Get […]