Winter wedding | From shoot to edit

Preparation and creative vision coming together for a great wedding photography session

Wedding photography is one of the most complicated and uncontrollable form of art. Quite often, as wedding photographers, we are at the mercy of so many external elements. One of these elements is the weather. It could be a harsh sun at noon, a very rainy day or in case of winter weddings, a very cold and cloudy day. This is especially the case for Montreal wedding photographers as they need to deal with all the different seasons and unexpectedness of them.

No matter, what the situation is, a professional Montreal wedding photographer needs to have the correct tools, skills and techniques allowing him to create beautiful photos. This means mastering natural light, out of camera flash and editing.

Last December, I had the pleasure to shoot a stunningly beautiful wedding. Before anything, I have to say that Priya and Don were incredibly courageous on that ice cold day and did an amazing job in front of the lens!

That day, mother nature gave us nothing but cold weather, an ice storm and the most boring and flat light you can possibly image. A beautiful challenge to overcome for any Montreal wedding photographer.

For the cold, we were equipped with boots, mitts and a warm coat.

To enhance the light, I used a Profoto B2 off camera flash on which I attached a warm yellow gel. This helped warm up my subject.

I placed the bride in a beautiful spot, gave her a 5 feet long golden vale, coached her into the right pose and voilà! We had a beautiful photo right in the camera.

Back at the studio, I still felt something could be improved in this image and that’s where the right photoshop skillz comes in handy. The only thing missing was snow. We did not have it the day of the shoot, but that does not mean we can’t added in post production. So that’s what I decided to do. Below is a behind the scene video that will show you how I created this photo, from shoot to edit. Enjoy!


Montreal wedding photographer, Ali Kay